*nix things
SkiA web browser you will definitely not like7 days
bubblesOpinionated, tiny, no-frills floating window manager for X4 weeks
homedotfiles and configurations
scriptsNiceness to make nice
pglistenConnect to a PostgreSQL channel and listen...3 weeks
tjaSHA-based storage thing (wip)18 months
Revista de la Universidad de México
rum-adminInstance of duck-tape2 months
rum-databaseSQL database3 weeks
rum-websiteWebsite - Sinatra2 weeks
Web stuff
duck-tapePostgREST + vanilla JS6 weeks
mustascmA dead simple implementation of mustache templates in scheme (CHICKEN)13 months
måsFile catcher/fetcher/disk-writer4 weeks
web-toolbeltJS utilities (NOT a library)3 weeks